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Gallery 1

The artwork displayed in the gallery have been made in the last five or six years. All my works are on sale. If you are interested in investing in contemporary art, please contact with email, or call me. You can also come to see the artwork on the spot before making final decision.

Oil and acrylic paintings

I use both oil and acrylic paints in my paintings and often mix different techniques to produce a sense of richness of colour and rhythm. When working on larger pieces, I enjoy the chance to experiment even more freely with colours and materials – whatever is at hand at the time may end up on the canvas as long as it works as part of the piece as a whole. Thick coats of colour and rich brushstrokes are also characteristic of my work. Each day in the studio means another day doing laundry after work!

Mixed technique works

In terms of mixed techniques, I’m especially fond of combining charcoal and ink, which brings out the graphic elements. Those are often also accompanied by watercolours and gouaches as well as chalks. The work process leading to a piece finding its form usually progresses quite speedily. I find the visual rhythm, sturdy construction and a lively texture especially important in my works. My working technique also includes scratching and scraping the pieces with various tools, to the extent that sometimes all that is left of the sketch at the end of the day is a drop of paint on the studio floor after a somewhat excessively vigorous session of scraping.

Graphic art

I’m interested in lithography (literally “stone drawing”) as a printmaking method. This planographic printing technique was adopted by artists in the 1800s, and it can be used to produce both black and white as well as colour prints. The image is drawn directly onto the stone as a reverse image of the final print – quite a challenge! After the agreed number of prints have been produced, the stone is re-polished – and the image is lost forever.